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Your personal comments are important to me. If you would like to submit your testimonial, please send me an e-mail with your full name and remarks to include on this page. I appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you.


 Karen J


I met Larry at an open house, and he knew the neighbourhood and the sale data. I met with Larry, and after interviewing two other teams, I decided to work with Larry and his team. 

They communicated promptly and did what they said they would do to get my home sold, and they were all very professional. 

Larry did not try to get me to lower my asking price on the night of the offer, and I truly appreciated and respected him for that. The TEAM sold the home within six days, and I am happy with my sale price. Larry, your services did move me.



 Sarah and Rick


I’m a very private person, and upon meeting Larry, I told him that, so giving a testimonial would not come from me. 

Larry and his team went to work, taking care of all the paperwork, booking the buyers coming in and giving me an update on Wednesday of each week. 

After the 2nd week, I got an offer, and Larry knew what my home was worth and went back to the other realtor, and I got an improved offer I was happy to sell. He and his team went above my expectations, so I am writing this letter. Larry, your services did move me.



   Julie P


Larry sold my neighbour's home, so I met with Larry, and he listed my home. My only concern was selling my home in the timeframe we agreed. Larry & his team did what they said they would do, and I also sold my home in 2 weeks. They did such a great job. They also found me a new place to live. Thanks to Larry and his team.



 Jay & D


I recently bought a home with the assistance of my realtor Larry Persaud & his team. I overheard one of their conversations during my realtor's many conversations with the other realtor.  It was like this…The other realtor suggested that if Larry could get his buyers (us) up another 10K they (sellers) would increase the commission to 3% from 2.5%.  

Larry suggested the .5% be given as a price reduction, and he was not going to get his clients to overpay for the home. The other realtor said no one has ever turned him down in the past. 

Eventually, we bought the house, and I later told Larry what I overheard. We are delighted to have Larry and his team on our side.



 Rick & Sam


A first, we tried to sell our home by ourselves. We were dealing strangers we knew nothing about coming into our home. We searched and found Larry and his team. 

We wasted two months and did not have much time; we were moving to another country in 3 months. Larry and his team handled every detail, and they suggested a pre-inspection, with revealed a few minor concerns, which we took care of.  

We had sold our place within a month, and now we began packing. Larry and his team stayed in touch with us right through to the closing. Never experienced service like that before. Thank you, and yes, Larry, your services did move us.



 Phil & Donna


We knew we had made the right decision to work with Larry and his team to sell our home from the start. We even had a few setbacks, including the buyers' lender could not get his client the funds to complete the sale.  

Larry and his team took charge and found a reliable lender for our buyer, they closed two weeks later, and I’m happy to say thanks to Larry and his team for their hard work, and yes, your services did move us.



 Andrea & Amit


The one point that impressed us the most was that Larry would not pass us on to another realtor in his team. Larry always made time to speak with us, and his team responded to us promptly. Feedback was given and kept the home showing condition.  

We sold in under three weeks, and Larry and his team assisted us in purchasing our new home, which we love. We have given your name to a few friends and family members. 

Larry, your services did move us, twice. Thanks.



Mike & Rebecca


We were more than pleased with the level of professionalism we received!" We heard great things about Larry and his team from friends, so we knew we had to consult with Larry and his team when it was time to sell our home and buy a bigger one. They explained everything in plain English and handled everything from start to finish. 

We were more than pleased with the level of professionalism we received from Larry and his team to closing. 

We love our new home!  Thank you, Larry and your team.



 Wendy & Ron


To say we were satisfied with Larry's services is an understatement. Larry and his team not only brought us a buyer for our home but ensured the buyer was qualified. Larry and his team took care of all the paperwork and were present went the buyers did their home inspection. 

The home we bought with Larry’s help is just perfect, especially the heated garage. 

We will keep you in mind for any future real estate transaction.



 Brian & Sue


We tried to sell our own home and had many visitors, but none made us an offer, so we decided to interview agents, and we met Larry and his team. His confidence and personality give us a sense of comfort. Larry explained the benefits of not over-pricing the property and ways to make it show better.  

Larry and his team went to work on selling our home, and within a short period of time, our house had received two offers. 

My husband and I enjoyed working with Larry and his team, and we would refer them to anyone that is thinking of selling or buying. Thanks, Larry.



 Ram & Seema


When I met with Larry, he told me that he would do everything in his power to get my condo sold for top dollar within three weeks. Larry helped me to understand the market condition and price my home correctly. Little did I know that we would receive an offer within three days. 

Thanks to Larry and his team, we accepted an offer, and we are now living in our new home. It's true; the first offer is the best offer. 

We are very pleased with Larry and his team.



 Romeo & Susan


We met Larry and his team through friends. He was very friendly and knowledgeable as well as professional. There was never any pressure for us to sign any paperwork. We met for coffee, he explained how they work, and we stated what we wanted. We bought our first home with Larry within three weeks, and we love it.  

Larry and his team were with us every step of the way. Now we can tell others that we have a FRIEND, a realtor. 

Thanks, Larry and your team!



 Khan & Family


If you have ever tried to sell your home yourself, you will understand the many challenges. Larry was referred to us by one of our relatives. By this time, we had given up on selling the home by ourselves, and when Larry arrived, we were happy to pass on the sale of our home to him and his team. 

Larry made everything appear simple, and he was always courteous and professional, and so were his team members.  

Thanks, Larry, for helping us sell and buy our new home. Buying is so much more fun. Excellent job from you and your team!



 Mohammad & Family


We met Larry by responding to one of their ads in the magazine. We met at the property, and we signed a document called the buyer representation agreement (good for a day). Larry took an interest in what we were looking for and asked us a few questions. A few days later, Larry showed me four properties, three that hit the mark, so with Larry’s help, we discussed various strategies and made an offer.  

I'm happy to say we made the right decision by calling Larry and his team. I will definitely refer Larry and use his services again.



   Anna & Ron


Larry was highly recommended to us by friends.  Larry's knowledge and professionalism were refreshing.  He returned our call promptly and kept us in the loop throughout the buying process.  Larry and his team negotiated a great price on our new home. 

Larry and his team care about their clients.  We will refer Larry to our friends and families.  We couldn’t have done this without Larry and his team.





Larry has helped my parents and grandparents to buy and sell their properties, so naturally, I decided to ask Larry to help me find my first place.  I thought buying my first place would be difficult, but Larry kept me focused. He explained the plus and minus of purchasing a condo. 

In the end, I am happy with my new place, and our families will continue to use the services of Larry and his team.





Being a single person after many years, I needed the help of someone that I could trust, so Larry and his team were referred to me by my best friend.  Larry took the time to understand what I was looking for and showed me only those properties. He did not waste my time or suggest I increase my budget.  Larry and his team took care of all the details and ensured my questions were answered. 

I’m enjoying my new home, and it's all possible with the help of Larry and his team.  My dog now has a backyard to play in.  I would recommend his services to everyone.



   Amrit & Anita


We were getting married, and we wanted to purchase our first home.  We sat down with Larry and discussed a few options.  There were a lot of questions we had for Larry.  I'm glad Larry came prepared because he took the time to answer all our questions, and then we saw four homes.  I asked Larry if we see more houses, and his response was if I show you more of the wrong homes, it’s going to waste everyone's time, so we went back to his office.  After a few days, we saw a few more houses and made an offer.  

Thank you, Larry, for keeping us focused on what was important to us. 

You are all true professionals, and we would recommend you and your team.  Larry, your services did move us.



  Bruce & Cathy


I called Larry after seeing his for-sale sign.  He was very courteous and helpful to us. After looking at the property, it was not for us.  Two days later, Larry called and said he had a property he wanted to show us.  This house was exactly what we wanted.  Larry fought like hell to get us our price, and in the end, we are thrilled to be in our new home.  

Larry, you are indeed a friend to us, and we thank you for all your hard work.  We will be using your services in the future.



   Max & Jo


We saw this property over the Internet, so we contacted Larry, the listing agent and requested more information.  We were told that the house was sold, and another one may come to the market soon.  Larry kept in touch with us, and we were able to see the property over the Internet.  We met Larry at the property, and his knowledge of the surrounding area impressed us. 

We moved in just one month ago, and We love our new home.  Thanks to Larry and his team for all their help. We will refer you to our friends and families.

p.s  What we found out later is that Larry called on all the neighbours on the street to find us this home.  That showed us his commitment and hard work. Yes, your services did move us



  Brenda & Peter


As a sale by owner, we tried selling our property and were unsuccessful in the process.  We met Larry Persaud a few days after we listed the property, and he shared some information with me on what he calls fair trade.  Larry was the only realtor that did not try to get my listing.  I agreed with his fair trade, and after a few weeks of trying on my own, I decided to let Larry take over selling my house.  Within three weeks, we had multiple offers on the property, and it was sold! 

Thanks to Larry and his team for all their help and support.





I just installed my for sale by owner sign, and Larry drove by.  He inquired if I needed any help and that he would be willing to help with a fair trade.  After explaining how the fair trade worked, I agreed to let Larry look around.  Dealing with low ball offers and strangers that just wanted to see the inside of the house was stressful and a waste of time.   Five days later, I asked Larry if he would assist me in selling my property. 

Larry followed up with everyone who came through to the open house and within two weeks, we had an acceptable offer. 

Thanks, Larry. Next time I know who to call first.





I bought my condo from another agent, and when I was ready to sell, I met Larry and his team through a friend.  Larry explained the entire process and what I can expect when the property sells. Larry was not pushy or aggressive like other agents.  Larry and his team removed the selling stress I was dealing with.  You guys did a fantastic job.  Now I can accept that job in Vancouver.  

I would recommend Larry and his team.



 Singh & Family


We met Larry at an open house even though we were not seriously considering buying a property.  Larry showed us a few properties compared to ours, and his knowledge of the type of homes in the neighbourhood was impressive.  Larry did not push us to decide cause; honestly, we weren’t ready to buy.  When we are prepared to make a purchase, we will call on Larry and his team.  Until then, we will keep recommending Larry to our family and friends.  We thought all real estate salespeople were pushy and rude. 

Larry, you changed our impression.



  Peter & Cindy


I was looking for a property and was not having much luck.  I remember saying it’s so difficult to find a property to my friend.  My friend recommended her agent, Larry, to me.  She said Larry was experienced, honest and reliable.  I called Larry, and we met at his office, where he explained how he works (that was different from our other realtor).  Larry’s entire process was simple to follow, and within two weeks, I found my dream home and my offer was accepted.  I can’t wait to move in. 

Larry, you and your team did an excellent job.





I am grateful to have had Larry and his team as my buying agent as a first-time homebuyer.  There was a comfort to his personality and how he professionally presented himself.  Having engaged him as my agent, there were no regrets.  I find him extremely knowledgeable, professional, reliable, patient and exceptionally honest.  His ability to understand and make recommendations based on my family's needs made my whole buying experience a pleasurable one.  

I will recommend Larry for his expertise, experience and integrity and will use his services again.


 Jennie and Luke


Our last agent has since retired.  We met Larry through a friend who spoke highly of his agent.  It's been eight years since we bought and sold a home, and when we met Larry for the first time, he made us feel comfortable (there was nothing to sign).  He explained the selling and buying process and answered our questions.  Larry was there for us from the start till we moved in. He called on our move-in date and a week after the closing. 

We truly appreciate you, Larry.



  Bruno & Karen


We met Larry at an open house.  He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and answered all our questions.  Larry dropped by and had a look at our property. We wanted to list a bit higher than other sales in our neighbourhood.  Larry explained what buyers want and the method of gaining multiple offers.  We agreed to his strategies/pricing, and within seven days, we received three offers. 

We have already given your name to a friend, and yes, Larry, your services did MOVE us.



  Brandon & Joyce


We wanted to find a home before we listed, and Larry was very honest about how the process works.  We wanted Larry to sell our house but not at 5%.  Larry then showed us how the 5% rule came about.  Knowing that 2.5% from the 5% is going to the buying agent changed our understanding.  Larry and his team worked very hard (1st offer fell out due to financing) to sell our house, and we truly appreciate their hard work. 

Larry, your services did MOVE us, and we are grateful for all your help.  We will pass your name on to our family and friends.



  Joanne & Blake


Moving to a new country is stressful, and moving with the entire family is beyond stressful.  Larry and his team were referred to me by the security guard from where we rented.  We had two weeks to find my family a home, and after many days of searching and discussion, we did it.  Thanks to Larry and his team, we have a stunning home that my entire family loves.  

We are pleased to be a part of your extended family.



   Agnes Ng


A friend recommended Larry, and I am thrilled with his services.  His work is consistently excellent, and his personality is always cheerful.  What distinguishes him from other real estate agents is his honesty, passion and dedication to his work. He will go the extra mile to try to learn about you as a person in order to help you find a home that suits your needs.  

Larry is awesome.  You won't regret choosing him as your real estate agent!



   Ahmed Khan


My wife and I recently got in touch with Larry to help us look for a rental property.  He was highly knowledgeable about the properties we saw and helped us find the perfect place that fulfilled all our requirements.  He was extremely patient with us.  His honesty and friendly nature were greatly appreciated. Larry has become like a family member rather than just an agent.  He went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and helped us settle into the place.  

We would highly recommend Larry to all our family and friends.  Thanks Larry!! :)



  Ahmad & Family


Thank you, Larry, for your time and experience.  We are delighted that we can move into our new home.  The experience I had working with you was enjoyable and insightful.  Larry is easy to get along with, and thanks to my friend for recommending him. 

Thanks to Larry and his team for a job well done!



   Mark P


As my realtor, Larry exceeded my expectations in selling my previous home and purchasing my current home.  His knowledge of the Mississauga housing market was instrumental in getting top dollar in the sale of our home.  His keen listening skills helped us find our new home in a very desirable neighbourhood on budget.  Even after the closing of our purchase, Larry was hands-on, assisting with changing the key lock on the front door!  

Larry will be the first realtor we call when considering our next move.  Your Services did MOVE us!





Thank you, Larry, for ALL your help!  I could not have bought my 1st home without your assistance and guidance.  Up to the closing day, you ensured I was doing OK, and the process was moving along smoothly.  In the end, you were there for me, and I genuinely appreciate you.  I can't believe I scored such a fantastic deal on the Condo.



   Val V


We did it.  Your hard work and persistence paid off.  You are a tough negotiator, and I thank you for that.  We were beginning to think we would not find the perfect home in the price range we wanted.  What can we say? You are the "BEST".  You will also be their agent when my parents are ready to sell. Thanks, Larry!



   Dave L


Thanks, Larry.  You were right.  Your services did move me!  My friends can't believe I have my own place.  You made the process simple, and I can't thank you enough for being there for me.  I have already given your name and number to two of my friends.



  Sam & Jerry M


Larry was easy to deal with.  He explained the buying process and then answered our questions, even though some were silly.  No pressure and easy to get along with, that's Larry!

Yes, your services did move us!



  Tesseema S


We are happy to have met Larry.  He was very knowledgeable and friendly, and Larry answered all of our questions, and we felt safe with him. Throughout the entire process, Larry was there for us.

Yes, your services did move us!



  Alan G


Larry was easy to talk to.  I told him our budget, what we wanted and where.  He found us the property within a week, which we now call home.  He negotiated a fantastic deal for me & my family.

Yes, your services did move us!



   Marvin & Susan


Larry, thanks for helping us when no one else would and for all your assistance.  We love our home, and the house is exactly what Susan & I wanted. We would refer your services.  

Yes, your services did move us.



  Sumit S


I spoke to Larry on the phone. Within hours my wife and I met with Larry.  We saw three homes and made an offer on the 1st home. Larry worked hard to get us our house, and the other agent was playing games with us.  

In the end, we got the home at our price, and we are delighted.  Yes, your services did move us!



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